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Monday, March 23, 2009

This is a story about a wonderful dream I had just about a year ago. I wrote about it when I had a blog on Yahoo 360. It's so beautiful, that I wanted to share it here as well. God Bless!


Wednesday night (March 27, 2008) I had a dream that I was with Jesus. I didn't see Him, but I felt Him. I can only explain it like this: I didn't need to see Him to know he was there.

We were surrounded by a refreshing bright light (though I didn't find it blinding), the sand was golden, the sky a clean clear blue. We sat on white stone benches close to the ground. A tall stone wall was nearby.

I became aware that Jesus was speaking to me, but I didn't hear with my ears. It was more with my heart. I can't spell out word for word what He said to me - but my soul felt peace.

It's been months since I had that dream and it's still as crystal clear as ever. Every night when I drift off to sleep, I hope to meet Jesus in my dreams again.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What'sYour Lenten Promise?

Last year about this time, I had a conversion of heart. It was during Lent and I was touched every time I went to Mass and paid attention to what was being taught. Shortly after that, I started to go to daily Mass, pray the Rosary almost daily and read the Bible. Instantly my life seemed to be going so much better. Maybe it was because I was so in tune with my relationship with God. Things were going well and I felt very strong, like no matter what the enemy tried to throw at me, I could turn away.

Then November happened. A family problem exploded and I literally dropped everything I was doing to work on this problem. I felt that if I didn't, my family would fall apart. There's still trouble now and then, but things seem to be looking up.

I wish I could say the same about my efforts with my relationship with God. I didn't intentionally "leave" Him. But yet I still feel so far away. I know a big part of it is due to not saying the Rosary or reading the Bible as much.

That's why this Lent I want to get back into my routine again. Attend Daily Mass, Pray the Rosary, Read the Bible. I know it will take time, but am confident that if I'm persistent, my goal will be reached.