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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Offer a Rosary with Notre Dame

As Editor-in-chief of a Catholic centered magazine, I feel it is my duty to help in anyway I can for the cause of the Notre Dame Response. Students are in an uproar because the president of the university is going to honor pro-choice president Barak Obama on graduation day. Not only will he speak there, he will be given an honorary degree in Law.

While it is our duty to treat others as a brother and sister, it is also our duty to stand up for our beliefs. Many students of Notre Dame are so distressed that they are contemplating not attending their own graduation.

One thing they are planning, which I fond quite honorable, is a goal to say 1 million Rosaries for Barak Obama - to have a conversion of heart, etc. Jesus did tell us to pray for our "enemies". It is easy to pray for those we love.

If you would like to offer a rosary and help the students of Notre Dame, click here. You can tell them about a Rosary you have said for these intentions, and I think you can even pledge as well.

The Rosary is a wondrous prayer. Thank you for considering this.

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