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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Special Thank You for Brave Bishops

It warms my heart to see such good in a world surrounded by darkness. There were 83 Bishops who spoke out against President Obama's attendance at the Notre Dame graduation. As with all witnesses for Jesus, these brave men risked ridicule, persecution, and their reputation in order to promote the Catholic Teachings. They endured many trials, but their support enforced the passionate students who value their faith.

When I see thngs like this, it proves there's still good in this world.

As a special thank you, the Cardinal Newman Society presented a Spiritual Boquet to the 83 Bishops who spoke out agains t the Notre Dame Scandal.

Click here. to see a copy of the Spiritual Bouquet Certificate sent to the bishop.

Click to see the list of all 83 Bishops.

The overwhelming prayer response in the spiritual bouquet includes:

Mass Intentions: 116,741

Divine Mercy Chaplets
: 74,974

: 57,728

General Prayers: 236,615

Eucharistic Holy Hours
: 37,125

Holy Rosaries
: 146,944

Novenas: 19,877

Days of Fasting
: 28,862

In addition to these prayers, Catholic priests offered 3,272 Holy Sacrifices of the Mass for the bishops.

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