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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never Underestimate the Rosary

I try to make a habbit of saying the Rosary every night. I used to attempt it at the very end of the night and most of the time I would fall asleep. I'm pretty sure the reason is every time I say the Rosary, I'm filled with peace. A calm, worry free, relaxing peace. But because I have a hard time making it through the entire Rosary that late at night, I've been saying it a little earlier.

Tonight, my 4-year old son was having a hard time going to sleep. I chose to stay in the room with him until he settled down. I tried reading 4 of his favorite books to him. It worked for a second, but he was determined to stay up. His older sisters were awake. Why couldn't he stay up too? After attempting to read to him, I turned down the lights and sat very quiet. However, he took that time to try to convince me to let him stay awake.

Then I decided to say my Rosary. I started to say it quietly in my head, but it was hard with my son's fussiness. So, I said it aloud. I was up to the first decade when I decided to say my prayers out loud in front of my son. By the time I got to the second decade, he was silent and calmed down. He was amazingly peaceful for the entire Rosary. He listened intently, and became relaxed.

It's hard to tell when he actually fell asleep, but to be sure, I started a second set of mysteries. After the second decade I stopped, for he was surely asleep.

I pray the Rosary as often as I can and it never ceases to amaze me. This is the most powerful prayer in the world. It has calmed me after severe hurtful situations, it always brings peace to my heart, and now I've wittnessed it bring peace to my son's heart.

If you've neglected your Rosary ( as I have until about 1 1/2 years ago), consider picking it up. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayers For Writers - a New Blog

Once again I feel I was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Small prayer-like lines filled my head - all of which had to do with authors. I started writing them down. That's when I chose to start a new blog Prayers for Writers at . They aren't too elaborate, just words of inspiration and asking of God's guidance as we teach through our words. Head on over and check it out sometime.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Lady of America

To me, the apparitions of Our Lady of America to Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil are a new concept. I may have come across the title in other research before, but never really learned about it. Then, one morning in my mailbox was a free copy of a newsletter all about our Lady of America.

It was quite an interesting read, however, we have been warned by Jesus himself of any false prophets. So, with skepticism I did some research about these apparitions and found conflicting information. Some places I've read that it has been approved. Other places say there has been no decision. Either way, the message is about love.

It's funny, but here in America, you would think we'd hear more about her and her messages. There was nothing sensational about the visions. It appeared to me to be a repetition of what she's always been asking all humanity: consecration to her heart, love, accepting God' s Mercy and living for God.

There were times during these apparitions where Mary was sad. I often wonder what she is feeling. How awful it must be to watch as her children harm themselves. The only thing I can compare it to, which doesn't even come close, is any mother standing by helplessly as their child self destructs.

Mary keeps visiting us for a reason. She is our mother and wants us to survive. But we can only survive if we want to. He has given us the gift of Free Will. You can't help those who don't want to help themselves.

Let's accept God's offerings of grace and Mercy. Love God. Live for Him. Don't just know who he is and like it. Love who He is and Love Him. Love him through your thoughts, actions, words and deeds. He is our Father and wants us to be with Him.