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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

God the Consoler

A few nights ago I came across a video on You Tube for the song "Mary Did You Know?" It is a wonderful Christmas song contemplating what is in store for the Holy Family over the next 33 years. It consisted of scenes from a few movies, including Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ." I still have not seen the movie because I don't think I can handle it.

One short clip, taken from the "Passion of the Christ", was of the guards dragging away a battered Jesus after the Scourging at the Pillar. I admit, I am not strong enough to view these scenes. When I do, they often bother me for days. But, I am often consoled by God - usually in a dream.

This time it was last night. I had a dream I was among the crowds just before the crucifixion. I remember feeling distressed and I wanted to stop it. Then the events took a different turn from what we hear in the Bible. Everyone disappeared for a moment - or at least it seemed so. Then, as Jesus carried the cross, He turned to me and told me that this is God's plan for our salvation. He then led me to the exact spot where His cross would be placed.

Once again as in the dream I had over a year ago, I don't remember the words. It was like watching a silent movie and yet I understood everything He told me. I came away from the dream with the understanding that this is the way God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit wanted it.

I remember feeling better, but still concerned. Then He showed me what it might have been like even if everyone felt like I did. He showed me Him teaching the crowd that he must be crucified to fulfill God's plan. I think it was a dramatic display of God confirming that this is all part of His plan. Logically, I know that and always have. It's seeing Him in such a state that gets to me sometimes. He is our King and our God and that was what we did to Him.

But once again, God consoled my soul and brought peace to it. Just like the last time, I can't remember His words, but I'll never forget the peace He left me with. And when I let the peace fill my heart I remembered that the Crucifixion was NOT the end of the story. Jesus rising and opening the gates of Heaven for us was the final outcome of the Crucifixion. Now He lives in Glory forever - as our God and King should be.

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