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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Latest Poem About God

Our Sinking World
By: Jennifer Gladen

The world is melting before our eyes,
The heat of sin is scorching our lives.

Headed down a slippery slope,
Society cheers the diminishment of hope.

Abortion, divorce, and values waning,
Points for the Enemy, is what we’re gaining.

Stop! And Listen! Change your ways,
Unless you desire more perilous days.

God wants us with Him-beyond the skies,
We must see the world through only His eyes.

We’re taught to value such precious things,
As gold, jewels and fancy rings.

But they all fade away – what good will they do,
When your time is come and God judges you?

Turn your hearts, now, toward Him,
Avoid eternity laced with grim.

Live as Christ lived while He was here,
To bypass eternal pain and fear.

©2010 Jennifer Gladen

Monday, January 25, 2010

O Child of God

O Child of God
By: Jennifer Gladen

My soul is weeping for what was to be.
My ears are piercing from laughter silenced.

My eyes are burning from tears of the lost.
My mouth is praying for the unborn tossed.

My heart is hoping an angel is guiding
The little ones to our Holy Mother true.

Mother Mary present those tiny souls to your Son.
Let them live in Peace and join the body of One.

Their short time of suffering causes great pain
And robs from the world what it could’ve gained.

Fly up to Heaven you child of God
And pray for all those who caused you such woes.

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”
For Jesus will say those words with you.

Dedicated to the millions children we’ll never see here.

© 2010 Jennifer Gladen

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Spiritual Bouquet to March for Life

A Spiritual Bouquet to March for Life

Today, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to march on Washington DC for the annual March for Life. It occurs every year on the anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision legalizing abortions. March for life not only acts as a voice for the unborn, but also the elderly and all those facing end-of-life care and decisions.

As Editor-in-Chief of a Catholic Magazine, I was disappointed I couldn’t make the march this year. I still wanted to do something to show my full support for this cause as I watched on TV speakers, children, adults and others stand up for life.
In that moment I decided that prayers for these supporters and their cause will go a long way. They need the strength of the Holy Spirit to persevere for they are fighting for God and His children. Therefore, My Light Magazine decided we will present a spiritual bouquet to the March for Life Organization.

Please pledge your prayers in support of all the marchers in the March for Life. Send My Light your designated prayer and any short words of encouragement. Some great prayers are the Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Mass, etc.

We will collect all the prayer intentions and present them to the March for Life organization. Each pledge will be represented by an illustrated flower as part of the bouquet. We will list your name and your prayer pledge. If we have too many contributors, we will provide a list of all the prayer pledges along with a beautiful illustrated bouquet. Illustrator and My Light’s paper doll designer, Candace J Hardy will design the illustration for the bouquet.

The goal is if we can support the marchers with our prayers we are helping the cause. We are helping not only get their voices heard, but we are helping to save lives, including unborn children. Press release to soon follow.

To begin e-mailing your prayer pledges, send them to