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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Latest Poem About God

Our Sinking World
By: Jennifer Gladen

The world is melting before our eyes,
The heat of sin is scorching our lives.

Headed down a slippery slope,
Society cheers the diminishment of hope.

Abortion, divorce, and values waning,
Points for the Enemy, is what we’re gaining.

Stop! And Listen! Change your ways,
Unless you desire more perilous days.

God wants us with Him-beyond the skies,
We must see the world through only His eyes.

We’re taught to value such precious things,
As gold, jewels and fancy rings.

But they all fade away – what good will they do,
When your time is come and God judges you?

Turn your hearts, now, toward Him,
Avoid eternity laced with grim.

Live as Christ lived while He was here,
To bypass eternal pain and fear.

©2010 Jennifer Gladen

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