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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fr. Frank Pavone's Prayer for our Nathon's Health Care Reform

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Prayer for our Nation's Health Care Reform

by Fr. Frank Pavone

Lord, Jesus, you are the Divine Physician,

And the source of all life and health.

Guide our nation at this critical moment,

As our government seeks health care reform.

Giver our elected officials the humility to know

That they are servants, not masters.

Give them the wisdom to realize

That every life has equal value.

Give them the strength to resist the idea

That some lives can be sacrificed to save others

Or that killing the unborn is a part of health care.

Give your people the courage to speak up

And to hold public officials accountable for their actions.

Save us, Lord Jesus, from a culture of death.

And let every reform in our public policy

Be based on the reform of our hearts and minds

In the light of your Gospel.

For you are Lord forever and ever. Amen

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