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Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Cecilia

Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music and musicians. She was born a Christian in the second or third century and had a dedication to God. She vowed to God she would remain a virgin. Despite this vow, she was promised in marriage to a pagan named Valerian. During her wedding, it is said she heard heavenly music inside her heart. That night, she told her new husband of her promise and that an angel was guarding her purity. When Valerian asked to see this angel, Cecilia told him he would be able to once he became baptized. Valerian then saw the angel upon his return to Cecilia. The angel had two crowns - one or roses and one of lilies, and placed them on the heads of Cecilia and Valerian. At once the angel vanished, and Valerian's brother entered the room, curious about the floral scents. When he heard the story, he too wanted to convert and be baptized.

Shortly after the two conversions Cecilia's husband and brother decided to bury Christians who have been martyred. Cecilia went out teaching others about the faith and in turn converted 400 people. As a result, she was persecuted and sentenced to death. However, the first attempt was suffocation and was unsuccessful. When they tried to behead her, the execution ran off after the third attempt. She died three days later from her wounds.

She is the Patron Saint of Musicians due to the story of her hearing heavenly music in her heart after being forced to into marriage.


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