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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter - The Victory over Death

Easter Sunday is fast approaching. Lent is more than half way over and in my parish choir we are diligently preparing for this great feast day.  Easter sometimes doesn't get the attention it deserves - especially being the first big feast day after Christmas. But Easter is bigger than Christmas. It's not just a day in history in which a few followers of Christ rejoiced. This is a day of celebration for all humans in all of human history.

"This is the day the Lord has made." It is the day Jesus defeated death. Not just physical death by rising from the dead, but He defeated our spiritual death. Without the events of Holy Week and then Jesus' Resurrection, we would not be able to be in Heaven.  Jesus'  "yes" and obedience to the Father's will saved us all from the sins of Adam, and subsequently, our own sins.

This Easter, let us stop and reflect in thanksgiving and praise for what He has done and endured for us. Our King humbled himself to be nailed to a cross just to save us. Thank you Jesus for being our Savior!

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