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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Why is the Mass so Important

Even the most devout families hear it from the kids:

 "But Moooommmm, do we have to go? Again?"

"We just went last week."

"We go every week!"

And so went our discussion at breakfast this morning. I discussed how attending Mass is something God asks of us, how it is part of the ten commandments, and how it is the only time during the week in which we participate in the Miracle of the Eucharist. After all, we are responsible for our choices. God will not force us to go to church,. He will not force us to choose Him. However, when we make a choice, we also choose the consequences of that choice.

Some were not impressed, and once again it turned into  a "Well, we're going to Church, deal with it," situation.

We make our way to church, with some grumbling along the way. We pick our seats and kneel down in prayer before Mass starts. Part of my prayer was that my children see the benefit of the Mass and why it is so important. I finish my prayer and sit in the pew. I lean over and whisper to the kids, "I want you to be sure to pay attention to what Father says during the Homily." My hope was that in paying attention, the may see some spiritual benefit in going to church in  addition to Holy Communion. I hoped they would hear something that made them "get it".

The time for the Homily came and I was flabbergasted. Did God just answer my prayer? Already? The Homily was mostly about the importance of a funeral mass (tying into today's Gospel) but the priest also stressed why the Mass is important. He stressed Mass and general prayer (for example a prayer service) are not equal. Mass is The Great Prayer. THE prayer. Why? Because we are joining our living and spiritual brothers and sisters in witnessing the miracle of the Eucharist. Mass is the highest form of prayer.

Our priest gave several examples illustrating all his points.During this homily, I watched my children's hearts soften as they began to understand that the Mass is more than an obligation in which people talk and sing for an hour. As Mass continued, I was in awe. Once again (it happens often) being at Mass addressed an issue I have been struggling with. How wonderful that what I had just been teaching my children at breakfast, had been reiterated by a respected priest.

Thank you God for hearing my prayers once again. And thank you for the gift of a devout and holy priest!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Pope Francis and His Recent Comments

I start the day as any other day. Open my Facebook, scroll down my newsfeed when I see it. Is that a photo of Pope Francis on my friends' pages? For my devoted Catholic friends, I find it no surprise. I see it all the time. But my friends who disagree with,dislike, and/or oppose Catholics? Wow, I say to myself in a brief naive moment. Then I read the quote one more time. "If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge him?"

Now I get it. Pope Francis had proved their point. It's obvious,isn't it? Pope Francis said that it is okay to live out the homosexual lifestyle. He just said it: "Who am I to judge?" 

Hold the Facebook share button for a second. Is that what the Pope was saying or was that the liberal spin on what he said.? Would a Pope-CAN a Pope - change the teachings of the church? The answer, my friends is no. 

So, what did he say? The quote above is just part of his statements. When asked about homosexual priests living a celibate life, Pope Francis said, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” 

Read more:

People seem to forget, Same sex attraction and homosexuality is not the sin.It is the ACTIONS we do that are sinful.  Orientation is one thing, actions are another. If you are gay (you're orientation), who is to judge? If you act on those desires (action), then it is a sin and must be confessed and turned away from. If you live a chaste, celibate life, and are following the Lord, then who is to judge? 

This does not only apply to homosexuality.It applies to every sin. We are all guilty of sin. It is not what we think about that is sinful, it is the action of that sin (lie,steal,cheat, hit, hurt, kill,swear,missing Mass, worshiping idols, etc) that is sinful. Everyone of us is guilty of sin and in need of God's mercy. All of us deserve His love and forgiveness including homosexuals.That is what our leader was teaching us.