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Friday, August 2, 2013

Pope Francis and His Recent Comments

I start the day as any other day. Open my Facebook, scroll down my newsfeed when I see it. Is that a photo of Pope Francis on my friends' pages? For my devoted Catholic friends, I find it no surprise. I see it all the time. But my friends who disagree with,dislike, and/or oppose Catholics? Wow, I say to myself in a brief naive moment. Then I read the quote one more time. "If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and is of good will, who am I to judge him?"

Now I get it. Pope Francis had proved their point. It's obvious,isn't it? Pope Francis said that it is okay to live out the homosexual lifestyle. He just said it: "Who am I to judge?" 

Hold the Facebook share button for a second. Is that what the Pope was saying or was that the liberal spin on what he said.? Would a Pope-CAN a Pope - change the teachings of the church? The answer, my friends is no. 

So, what did he say? The quote above is just part of his statements. When asked about homosexual priests living a celibate life, Pope Francis said, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” 

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People seem to forget, Same sex attraction and homosexuality is not the sin.It is the ACTIONS we do that are sinful.  Orientation is one thing, actions are another. If you are gay (you're orientation), who is to judge? If you act on those desires (action), then it is a sin and must be confessed and turned away from. If you live a chaste, celibate life, and are following the Lord, then who is to judge? 

This does not only apply to homosexuality.It applies to every sin. We are all guilty of sin. It is not what we think about that is sinful, it is the action of that sin (lie,steal,cheat, hit, hurt, kill,swear,missing Mass, worshiping idols, etc) that is sinful. Everyone of us is guilty of sin and in need of God's mercy. All of us deserve His love and forgiveness including homosexuals.That is what our leader was teaching us. 



Evelyn said...

Jennifer, I agree with much of what you've said here and I certainly think it's important not to take the things people say out of context, so that we change their meaning. However, I respectfully disagree with your statement--"It is not what we think about that is sinful, it is the action of that sin." Jesus makes it clear, in such places as Matthew 5:27-28, that we can very much sin in thought as well as in deed.

Jennifer Gladen said...

Evelyn, you are correct. And lust is a biggie that takes over thought. I guess what I meant is mor of who we are is not a sin, but acting on our sinfuk impulses are.Thanks for pointing that out.

Evelyn said...

I agree with that, Jennifer. And I wanted to make it perfectly clear that my disagreement with your original statement was not meant to be made in reference to the homosexual issue. I just know that among my own sins, probably a much higher percentage of them occur in my thoughts than in my actions.