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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grace of Yes Day: Saying Yes to God

A great friend of mine and founder of Catholic Mom website , Lisa Hendey , recently wrote a book about the graces of saying yes to God. When we say yes to God, we are participating in His great plan.

Many years ago, the Blessed Mother, Mary, said yes in the ultimate Fiat. Now, in our own lives, we are sharing the ways we say our own yes to God by joining this campaign called, "The Grace of Yes."

We all have our stories, large or small, in how we say yes. I try to make it a point to say yes to God daily - even if it is in some small way.  One larger way I said yes to God was when I began My Light Magazine for Children. While it is not as lively as it was a few years ago, I try to keep it going as much as I can.

When I first started the magazine, I felt a call in my heart to reach our children and inspire them to learn more about their faith. Even though I was not sure of how I would do such a great task, I went through with it using full "blind faith" in Him. I knew that no matter what, God would help me with this because it was His call in the first place. When we cooperate in His plan, things always come through.

While my work has slowed a little due to working, I still try to add content to the magazine as much as possible. See, just in working alone is another Yes. I teach children in a Catholic school now which takes up much of my time before, during, and after work. However, I see this as more "training" from God so that I may continue His work. I will continue His work teaching children daily and I will continue His work in offering a small, safe , spiritual and educational place online.

So how will you say yes to God today? To join in the fun, create a post on social media telling how you "say yes to God". Be sure to add the #graceofyesday to your post. Visit the link below for more resources! 

To learn more about how to participate in this movement, please visit Ave Maria Press-Grace of Yes

If you join in, feel free to leave a comment below to tell me where I can find your post. 

Be sure to visit Catholic Mom as well to read about other stories of YES.

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